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Your HOA or Multifamily property now has a new choice for recycling and garbage collection!

Suburban Sanitation is proud to offer Quality garbage collection service for all your community’s needs. This service will include household trash collection, recycling service, and bulky items! We conveniently offer online services for paperless billing, paying quarterly invoices, and managing your community's account.

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Reviews From Property Managers

  • One of my Homeowners Associations approved a 3 year contract with Suburban Sanitation in September, 2014, and I cannot speak highly enough of the level of service provided thus far to this particular community. It has been so refreshing not to get the company voicemail and then not have my calls returned. The owner of Suburban answers immediately whenever I call and also responds immediately to any resident concerns. It truly has been a pleasure working so cooperatively with Suburban Sanitation, which certainly makes my life as the Association Manager easier, and I look forward to the continued relationship.
    Tippi MooseHenderson Properties - Association Manager
  • One of the Homeowners Associations I manage has been using Suburban Sanitation since May of 2014 for their private trash pickup. The Board of Directors was very impressed with the price per unit compared to others and since then the service has been terrific. I have not received even one complaint about the company or pick up. The Board of Directors is very thankful for the money they were able to save without sacrificing service. It has been great Working with this company and we look forward to our future relationship with the company.
    Jennifer CookHawthorne Management Company - Association Manager

Paperless Billing

In order to better serve our customers and the environment, we now encourage our new paperless billing. You may now receive and pay invoices entirely online. If you prefer to receive your quarterly invoices electronically, via email, you now have this option whether you are a new customer, or an existing customer.

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Service With Suburban Sanitation

Recycling is optional, but highly encouraged.
There is one recycling/trash pick-up day per week per neighborhood. Recycling will be picked up on the same day as trash pickup for your community. Trash must be out for collection by 6:30 a.m. to ensure pick-up on your community's given pickup day. Due to our rapid growth, we are mapping a more efficient pickup schedule. Give us a call if you have questions about your community’s service.

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“Quality Service For a Great Price”

About Suburban Sanitation

Suburban Sanitation is a small, local, family-owned business. We started our company in 2009, purchasing our own trash truck, trash cans and recycling bins. Our concept is to own all of our supplies so the cost of services will be at a rate that everyone can afford. In 2013, we set our sights on providing quality service for HOAs and Multifamily properties. Since then, we have grown to service many happily satisfied communities in the Charlotte area. We look forward to being your community's service provider for years to come. Thank you!

-The Suburban Sanitation Team

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