HOA Representative and/or Property Managers


  • One of my Homeowners Associations approved a 3 year contract with Suburban Sanitation in September, 2014, and I cannot speak highly enough of the level of service provided thus far to this particular community. It has been so refreshing not to get the company voicemail and then not have my calls returned. The owner of Suburban answers immediately whenever I call and also responds immediately to any resident concerns. It truly has been a pleasure working so cooperatively with Suburban Sanitation, which certainly makes my life as the Association Manager easier, and I look forward to the continued relationship.
    Tippi MooseHenderson Properties - Association Manager
  • One of the Homeowners Associations I manage has been using Suburban Sanitation since May of 2014 for their private trash pickup. The Board of Directors was very impressed with the price per unit compared to others and since then the service has been terrific. I have not received even one complaint about the company or pick up. The Board of Directors is very thankful for the money they were able to save without sacrificing service. It has been great Working with this company and we look forward to our future relationship with the company.
    Jennifer CookHawthorne Management Company - Association Manager

Are you an HOA Representative or Property Manager seeking a solution for trash and recycling collection?

We, at Suburban Sanitation, are taking a new approach to providing Quality Service For a Great Price! We started our company in 2009, purchasing our own trash trucks, trash cans and recycling bins. Our concept is to own all of our supplies so the cost of services will be at a rate that everyone can afford. Our launch date was March 1, 2010 and we are growing exponentially, from just a few homes, to now more than 20 communities. As you can see, our primary goal is to provide quality service for a great price. We hope that our great low price will motivate even our fellow service providers to lower their prices and pass the savings on to the customers. Suburban Sanitation is already servicing multiple Mecklenburg County Communities for their trash and recyclable waste collection and would like to add you as a valuable customer to our list.

Our mission is to provide Home Owners Associations and Multi-Family properties, with a cost-effective service for trash and recyclable waste collection without sacrificing superior customer satisfaction. We are offering an affordable and exceptional service which can alleviate some of the tension customers can feel about their home expenses.

As you know, with other service providers, collection of trash and recyclables can be expensive due to overhead expenses, such as: call centers, expensive office space, vehicle leasing, etc. In order to lower our expenses and your prices, we will remain a family owned business with little to low overhead as we purchase our trucks and cans outright (rather than renting them). We supply 96 gallon roll-out containers and recycling bins to each customer (we retain ownership).  The final disposal of the waste is at an affordable fee for our company; and the savings are passed-on to the customer.

Suburban Sanitation, is now proud to offer quality garbage collection pickup, which includes unlimited trash collection, recycling service and bulky items, to Home Owners Associations and Multi-Family Properties. 

Contract Periods:

Suburban Sanitation offers convenient contracts periods. HOAs and Multi-Family properties will start with a minimum three(3) year contract. As this contract nears it’s renewal date, the customer will then have the option to renew their contract for a one(1) or two(2) year extension.

If you are an HOA Representative or Property Manager, you can sign up for service on our convenient sign up page.

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Once you have completed the sign up form, a representative will contact you shortly to determine your specific needs as a community. Once your needs are met, we will discuss billing options, pickup schedules, contract terms, and any other questions, concerns or needs you may have. If you have any questions or concerns prior to sign up, please feel free to give us a call, at (704)323-6030) or email us at customerservice@suburban-sanitation.com


Please review our HOA/Multi-Family Terms of Service or contact us if you have any question.

 What Trash is Acceptable?

Suburban Sanitation will pick up bagged, household garbage only. Any loose garbage, excluding bulky items, must be bagged.

Local laws and regulation prohibit disposal of yard waste, tires, exclusions debris with household garbage, as well as paints, oils, resins, and other liquid materials. Additional exclusions are hazardous or toxic materials.

We will pick up bags of leaves and tree clippings; however, we will not collect—dirt, rocks, concrete, or any construction debris. Nor, will we collect tree limbs or logs (we are not a tree removal service provider). They are unacceptable for disposal at the landfill. Please ensure that these items are not in your cart.

Suburban Sanitation, cannot dispose of any paint cans with liquid paint. The paint cans need to be empty or mixed with sand and completely dry/ hardened.  The paint cans need to be left open and dry/hardened before we can collect. Paint and hazardous waste need to be taken to your local Hazardous Waste Site. We can no longer pick up electronics as trash. They should be taken to electronic recycling landfill.

The Foxhole Landfill located at 17131 Lancaster Highway, Charlotte, NC (located at Highway 521 right at the NC/SC State Line) will accept and recycle electronic items.

Other unacceptable items:

  • Metal Coat Hangers
  • Styrofoam Refuses
  • Plastic Bags

Sub-contractors are responsible for their own removals!

 What Recyclables are Acceptable?

  • Plastics 1-7 (except #6)
  • Glass Containers
  • Aluminum containers
  • Steel and tin cans
  • Plastic milk and detergent jugs
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard
  • Phone books
  • Junk mail
  • Cereal boxes
  • Mixed paper
  • Paper bags

Residential recycling is picked up once every week on the same day as trash.