Paperless Billing

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In order to better serve our customers and the environment, we now encourage our new paperless billing. You may now receive and pay invoices entirely online. If you prefer to receive your quarterly invoices electronically, via email, you now have this option whether you are a new customer, or an existing customer.


For new customers:     Please select paperless billing when signing up for service on our signup page.

For existing customers:     Please select the existing customer button below.


To get started, just click the appropriate button below.

Existing Customer                                 New Customer


First-time Users:
After submitting your request, we will need to send you a consent form stating that you understand you will no longer be receiving any physical bill via mail. This consent form is merely for our records and does not constitute a binding contract. Paperless Billing is entirely optional, and may be discontinued by the customer or by Suburban Sanitation at anytime. If you wish to cancel paperless billing, please just call us at 704.323.6030 or email us at and we will resume traditional billing for your account.