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Private Residential Sign Up

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    By submitting, I agree that all info entered was done accurately & truthfully. Additionally, by submitting this form, I consent to the terms and conditions outlined below:

    1. In the event that a customer desires service for any portion of a service quarter less than a full quarter, it shall be the responsibility of the customer to seek any proration in billing. Any arrangements for proration, partial payment, and/or service for any portion of a service quarter must be made at least 5 business days PRIOR to the beginning of a new service quarter.

    2. Terms of Service: Your trash service provides once per week residential trash service pick-up for your household only. It does not include commercial trash (even if you work from your home), construction debris, or tree branches. We are not a tree removal service. It is impermissible to permit another household to use your trash service for disposal of their garbage. This is considered theft of services and is a breach of the subscription terms.

    The amount of trash you may place out for pick-up is unlimited. We will make every effort to collect additional trash. Any extra trash which does not fit in your cart may be bagged (with the exception of bulky items) and placed next to your cart. Any lose trash which is not bagged may not be picked up.

    Your subscription term begins on the first day of a quarter (March 1, June 1, September 1 or December 1) and continues until the end of that quarter. Payments for billings are due at a minimum, 15 days before the next quarter begins. In the event that payment is not received prior to the beginning of the quarter, Suburban Sanitation reserves the right to reclaim the carts and/or assess a $25 restoration fee, in addition to the balance due on the account, to restore service. If the balance remains unpaid for more than 30 days past due date, we will begin collecting the trash can from the residence. The account must be paid in full in order to resume service. The restoration fee may also be assessed in the event a customer wishes to resume service after any cancellation or discontinuation of service, even those initiated by the customer. In the event a customer has moved or changed addresses during any period of non-service and a new request for service is submitted by the same customer, the restoration fee must be paid in addition to any outstanding balance before service may begin at the new address. The restoration fee does not apply in the event of a service hold or temporary change of address, provided the customer has notified Suburban Sanitation at least five(5) business days prior to the next scheduled service date. Service holds/ temporary changes of address must be requested through this website (click the “Online Service” button above) or by written request. Written requests can be mailed to the address below. All requests must be postmarked at least five(5) business days prior to the next scheduled service date.

    Suburban Sanitation Services • PO Box 43048 • Charlotte, NC 28215

    There is one recycling/trash pick-up day per week per neighborhood. Recycling will be picked up on the same day as your trash pickup for your neighborhood. Trash must be out for collection by 6:30 a.m. to ensure pick-up on your given pickup day. Due to our rapid growth, we are mapping a more efficient pickup schedule. Give us a call if you have questions about your collection day. The garbage and recycling needs to be set out by the street and not obstructed by vehicles or other objects. Please note that on your trash day do not set anything of value next to your trash cans, it might get taken as trash!

    If you are unsatisfied with your service, you may cancel service at anytime, however we strongly encourage you to contact us with any concerns so that we may find a solution to make you happy. As our customer, you are the most valued part of our business. Elective cancellation of service does not constitute grounds for reimbursement of funds paid for pickup days unused between cancellation date and the end of that billing cycle. No refunds will be issued for services not rendered due to customer cancellation. In the event that your trash service is cancelled, by the customer or Suburban Sanitation, all carts,cans, or bins must be emptied prior to collection. All items belonging to Suburban Sanitation must be returned in comparable condition to the state in which they were delivered. If emptying the receptacle necessitates a final collection by Suburban Sanitation, the customer may be partially or fully responsible, at Suburban Sanitation’s discretion, for any fees incurred by Suburban Sanitation during the transportation and dumping of waste materials.

    3. Inclement Weather and Natural Disaster Policy: In the event that severe inclement weather or natural disaster occurs or is present on a scheduled pickup date, Suburban Sanitation shall decide whether the event represents a significant danger to employees and/or equipment. If a significant danger is deemed present, it shall be at Suburban Sanitation’s discretion to delay services as needed. In the event that services are delayed, normal service shall resume as soon as possible, or on the next scheduled delivery day, to be decided by Suburban Sanitation. No refunds or proration shall be issued for delays in service due to inclement weather, natural disaster, or any other acts of nature. Please stay informed about any delays in service by checking our “News and Events” page, following us on twitter, or checking our calendar.

    4. What Trash is Acceptable? Suburban Sanitation, Inc. will pick up bagged, household garbage that fits within your supplied roll out can. If you need a second roll out can, give us a call and one will be provided at a one time charge of $65. Any customer who is found to be using their residential trash collection service for an off-premises business or permitting a neighbor to "share" their trash service shall be terminated as a customer with a loss of the remaining subscription fees. We are willing to be more than reasonable, please do not abuse our services.

    We will not pick up any rocks, any dirt, any concrete, any construction debris or tree clippings. We are not a tree removal service. Unfortunately, we are finding more and more of these items in containers. They are unacceptable for disposal at the landfill and if they are present in your cart, the entire cart can not be collected. Please ensure that these items are not in your cart. We will take boxes, however, if more than 20 please give us a call as a courtesy so we can arrange the right truck to come to your home.

    Suburban Sanitation, Inc. cannot dispose of any paint cans even those which are empty or in which the paint is completely hardened. Paint and hazardous waste need to be taken to your local Hazardous Waste site. We will no longer pick up electronics (even as trash).  Electronics should be taken to the Foxhole Landfill for proper recycling. The Foxhole Landfill is located at 17131 Lancaster Highway, Charlotte, NC (located at Highway 521 right at the NC/SC State Line).

    5. Suburban Sanitation reserves the right to reject any trash or recycling which may qualify as bio-hazardous material. Examples of bio-hazardous materials may include, but are not limited to: •Human or Animal waste •Human or Animal tissue or blood •Any toxic materials or chemicals (motor oil, battery acid, antifreeze, etc.) •Human or Animal remains

    6. What Recyclables are Acceptable? 
 •Plastics 1-7 (except #6) 
•Glass Containers 
 •Aluminum containers 
 •Steel and tin cans 
 •Plastic milk and detergent jugs
 •Phone books 
 •Junk mail 
 •Cereal boxes 
 •Mixed paper 
 •Paper bags 

    Residential recycling is picked up once every week on the same day as trash.

    PRIVACY NOTICE: The information you have provided will be used to begin your service at the location specified. Filing this form is voluntary, but we cannot begin your service without this information. We do not disclose your information, except in the following limited circumstances: to government agencies or bodies as required to perform official duties; to law enforcement as needed for a criminal investigation. Your information is protected by the Privacy Act. Personally identifiable information, including email address shall not be disclosed in any situations except as outlined above.
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    Finish & Submit

    Upon completion of this form, we will contact you during normal business hours within 1-3 business days. We will need to secure payment before service can begin. If you provided an email address and asked for paperless billing, then we can email the first invoice to you which can then be paid online. We conveniently accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover, or checks/money orders may be made out to: Suburban Sanitation Services PO Box 43048 Charlotte, NC 28215 Thank you for signing up and we look forward to providing you with "Quality Service for a Great Price".
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